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Today world-famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring. Given the vicious weather in much of the USA, maybe it's time we looked to a wiser creature to tell us what to expect.

We made our way to a small freshwater pond nearby to ask our animal mascot what was up. We found the amphibian meditatively sunning on a lotus leaf.

We explained our errand amidst a shower of splashes. At the other end of the pond, half a dozen kelpies and nymphs were tossing beach balls around, a number of which bounced toward us.

The FOGcon Frog said, "Scientifically speaking, there are six more weeks of winter or only six more weeks until spring, assuming that spring begins on the equinox and you're in the northern hemphishpere. Sorry, my tongue got tangled. Hemisphere."

We asked, "But will it be an early spring in San Francisco? What weather can we expect in March?"

"We already have cherry blossoms, and the crabapple trees are in flower. San Francisco’s notoriously variable climate features sun, fog, rain, and cool breezes—sometimes all at once. Thus our high frequency of rainbows. March is still the rainy season, but the average March high is 62, with a low of 49."

The frog (a particularly dignified one, with beautiful golden eyes) added, "But the solstice is not the important date. Do you realize that FOGcon is happening in just five weeks?"

"You're right. It runs from March 11 through 13."

"Better reserve your hotel rooms now, and don't forget to register," the frog advised. "Panels start on Friday morning, so travelers should arrive Thursday night."

Another beach ball sailed toward us. The frog leaped into the air and gave it a powerful kick. The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft a sword from the bosom of the water, spearing the beach ball, which deflated with a hiss.

With a deep, resonant ribbit, the frog plopped back into the deep pool. In a moment the gleaming deep green head popped up to explain, "Strange women lying in ponds make superb goalies. It's water polo practice. They reported to spring training today."
wordweaverlynn: the Golden Gate Bridge in fog; instead of cables, the uprights are book spines (FOGcon)
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Before the Con Checklist

  • Buy membership. Adult membership rises to $75 after February 1, so buy yours now!

  • Vote on panels and sign up to participate. Programming closes February 1, so do it soon!

  • Plan your trip. Make sure you plan to arrive Thursday night, March 10. Registration will be open for an hour Thursday night and early on Friday. Con events start Friday, March 11, at 9AM.

  • Make your hotel reservations. The FOGcon special room rate of $119 per night plus tax is available only if you make your reservations by February 16. Our group code for hotel reservations at the special rate is SGC.

At the Con
Details of the schedule are coming soon. Right now we know these events for sure:

  • Thursday, March 10, registration opens.

  • Friday, March 11, registration plus a full day of panels and workshops starting at 9AM. In the evening is the Take-off Party, a free and fabulous feast (buy your own drinks) where you can savor a variety of foods, get to know your fellow con members, and show off your favorite party clothes: jeans, tuxedos, spacesuits, historical garb, whatever fancy suit suits your fancy. Yes, the Take-Off Party is included in your membership.

  • Saturday, March 12, and Sunday March 13, more panels, readings, signings, and workshops. The Con Hospitality Suite will be open from Friday through Sunday, providing a place to relax and free munchies.

  • Sunday, March 13, after the con is over there will be a party for those staying over one more night. Traditionally known as the Dead Dog Party, ours is the Dead Frog Party. This low-key event offers a perfect opportunity to wind down, talk with someone you've missed seeing all weekend, and exchange email addresses and URLs with new friends.

More special events to come!


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