Re: FOGCon and Alan Bostick's statements on harassment

I emailed this letter to the FOGCon ConCom today. I'm posting it here to offer feedback to the community from a fan and a feminist who thinks FOGCon sounds neat. Several of my friends attend; I'd been thinking about going in 2015. I was dismayed to read the ConCom's response to concerns raised about the appropriateness of someone who's harassed in the past acting as head of Safety. I hope that this letter can help open up a conversation around what this community wants its "welcoming back" to look like.


To the FOGCon ConCom: )


I firmly believe reconciliation and change is possible. I think that having a supportive community is essential to helping people who have harassed change their thinking and actions. That said, this support cannot be uncritical. It requires unflinching compassion to sit with someone as they figure out which of their attitudes made them think it was ok to help themselves to someone else's time, attention, or body. It is hard to come to terms with how you (a good person; most of us think we're good, deep down) could have hurt someone in a community you care about. This is hard work and I deeply appreciate those who do it and those who help others with it.

But welcoming someone back into a community is not the same as offering them a position of power in it, and accepting someone's offer to run programming (a random example) is not the same as allowing them to head Safety. Based on their statements, I think that Alan Bostick and the FOGCon ConCom made the wrong choice for the wrong reasons. I am sorry to see that, especially because FOGCon seems like the sort of space I would otherwise love. I hope it becomes possible for me to attend in the future.
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Anyone looking for a roommate?

I'm looking to stay Friday and Saturday nights, willing to share with nonsmoker, preferably female.

Feel free to PM me or e-mail at daylights.edge at
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Links to panel write-ups

Thought it would be useful to have a central place on DW to link to any FOGCon3 panel write-ups, either those you've done yourself or any you find from cool panels you missed.  I know there are already a few I'm hoping to find somewhere!  Write-ups of all kinds are welcome, from straight transcription to notes to continued conversations.

Post links in the comments.  Thanks!

Suggest Programming Ideas!

Submissions are open for programming ideas for FOGcon 3!

We're looking for ideas for panels, readings, Q&A sessions, group activities or performances that you'd like to see at FOGcon. Our theme this year is Law, Order & Crime, but we are open to all sorts of ideas, not just those on-theme. If there's a panel you've always wanted to see, but never have, then suggest it, no matter what the topic! Our honored guests are (so far) Terry Bisson, Susan R. Matthews, and Anthony Boucher, so if you're inspired to come up with panel ideas around their work, that's great too. Note: suggesting an idea doesn't oblige you to be part of it, nor does it guarantee that you will be part of it. We'll have signups for participation later, after we've collected the ideas to sign up for. Also, we may edit, combine, reshape, or draw inspiration from your idea, or your panel description, so if something that isn't quite what you had in mind shows up in the signup form, that's what's happened.

FOGcon Honored Guests: Terry Bisson and Susan R. Matthews

FOGcon 3 * March 8-10, 2013 * WALNUT CREEK, CA * PROGRESS REPORT

Message from the Chair
FOGcon 3 Honored Guests
Contact Us FOGcon on the Web


We're very excited to announce our honored guests for FOGcon 3:
Terry Bisson and Susan R. Matthews. Both Terry Bisson and Susan
R. Matthews will be terrific guests, and we look forward to
hosting them! See below for their bios.  We'll get the website
updated promptly.

In other news---we are still on target to open registration on
Oct 1, using a system which we hope will be easier for everyone.
Stay tuned for news about that; we will make sure to tell you
about it.

Remember that FOGcon 3 happens on the second weekend of March
(Mar 8-10), aka Time Change Weekend.  We intend to remain on this
weekend permanently in the future.

--Vylar Kaftan, Chair


Law, Order, and Crime

New times create new crimes.

As societies change, both law and crime evolve, and punishment
changes as well. Advances in technology (or the workings of
magic) make possible crimes that we could never have predicted,
methods of crimefighting unforeseen, prisons unlike any we have
now. If a dragon is a citizen, are they allowed to eat people?
How do you imprison a telepath? How does a civilization of
teleporters keep from descending into anarchy? What rights do
aliens or androids have? How can vast empires covering many
lightyears maintain some sort of order?

The implications are much broader than the basic question of
whodunnit. We are currently seeing major shifts in the balance
between the individual and the state, privacy and convenience,
freedom and security.

Speculative fiction has always explored questions like these, and
the results have been some of our finest fictions. At FOGcon 3,
we're going to be discussing those questions and possible answers
for our own future.

FOGcon3 Honors Terry Bisson and Susan R. Matthews

We are proud to announce our Honored Guests for FOGcon 3: Terry
Bisson and Susan R. Matthews.

FOGcon 3 will be held March 8–10, 2013, at the Walnut Creek
Marriott in Walnut Creek, CA. The theme is Law, Order, and Crime.

Terry Bisson

Terry Bisson is an award-winning author best known for his short
stories. "Bears Discover Fire" swept the Hugo Award, Nebula
Award, Theodore Sturgeon Award, SF Chronicle Reader Award, Locus
Award, and Asimov’s Reader Award. It was also nominated for the
1991 World Fantasy Award and HOMer award. He also writes novels,
screenplays, comics and non-fiction. These days he hosts a
monthly author reading series in San Francisco (SFinSF) and edits
the Outspoken Author series for PM Books.

Terry Bisson has been an activist since the days of the Cuban
missile crisis, when he and a few other students traveled to
Washington, DC, to discuss the "peace race" with President
Kennedy. He wrote the biography of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Black
journalist who spent nearly 30 years on death row. A
self-identified member of the New Left, he operated Jacobin
Books, a "revolutionary" mail-order book service, from 1985 to
1990, in partnership with Judy Jensen.

Terry Bisson has always been passionately concerned with the
relationship between the individual and the state. His most
recent story collections (TVA Baby and Greetings and Other
Stories) feature title stories that examine the nature and
meaning of crime.

Susan R. Matthews

A self-described army brat (she was born in a barracks in Fort
Benning), Susan R. Matthews had an international upbringing,
living and attending school across the country and in Europe and
India. After earning an undergraduate degree in psychology, she
was commissioned into the United States Army and served as the
operations and security officer of a combat support hospital,
functioning in addition as the unit's NBC (nuclear, biological,
and chemical warfare) officer.

She was the 1998 Philip K. Dick Award Nominee and 1998, 1999 John
Campbell Award Nominee—Best New SF Writer. Her background in
psychology and her military and medical experiences all inform
her fiction. She is currently working as an auditor for a large
aerospace company and recently graduated from Seattle University
with an MBA in accounting. Susan lives in Seattle with her
partner Maggie. She likes black tea but seldom gets around to
drinking it while it's still hot.

Susan R. Matthews is best known for her novels set in the
Jurisdiction universe, where the government responds to civil
unrest and revolt with legally sanctioned torture of political
prisoners. Most of the novels feature Andrej Koscuisko:
aristocrat, physician, and unwilling torturer who loathes himself
for enjoying his work. Andrej struggles throughout the series to
reconcile his principles and the corrupt reality of the
Jurisdiction he is sworn to serve.


Mailing Address

PO Box 3764
Hayward, CA 94540


For more information, email us at

To discuss access issues, email us at

To volunteer, email us at

To inquire about being a dealer, email us at

Want to get our newsletter?



If you do not wish to receive any further announcements about
FOGcon science fiction conventions, or if you receive this
message to two email addresses and wish to delete one, please
email: (We will not give your email
address to any person or organization other than the registrar
for the next FOGcon.)


This year's FOGcon theme is The Body in SF/F, and we have wonderful Honored Guests who have written on that topic. Nalo Hopkinson, Shelley Jackson, and the late Mary Shelley. I've posted their bibliographies to the site for members who want to read up before the con.

I'd love to post more suggestions of great books and stories on the subject. What comes to your mind as the most illuminating, powerful, or influential SF/F writing about the body? In addition to listing titles and authors, you could tell us a bit about your suggestions.

The first ones I think of are these:

Samuel Delany, "Aye, and Gomorrah"
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness
Matt Ruff, Set This House in Order
Cordwainer Smith, "Scanners Live in Vain"
James Tiptree, Jr., "The Girl Who Was Plugged In"

What are your favorite fictional explorations of what it means to have or be a body? Of the ways a slight anatomical difference can change everything?
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Fogcon POC meetup

Hi! I'm trying to plan a POC meetup for Fogcon.

If you ID as POC/non-white and are going to be in the area (not necessarily even attending the con), please drop by and take the poll!

Countdown to FOGcon 2!

Because this is Leap Year, you have one extra day to make your FOGcon arrangements. However, that also means that you must wait an extra day before the con starts. Our top consulting physicist advises us that nothing can be done about this chronological anomaly without resources thought to be beyond the reach of a typical con-goer. We do have a small TARDIS, but so far no Doctor has yet emerged or offered rides to our members.

Write these dates on your calendar, type them into your smartphone, or tattoo them on your boss's forehead -- whatever works best to remind you of the FOGcon schedule.

Sign up for Programming by February 17. Vote for your favorite panel ideas. If you want to share your expertise by being a panel member or moderator, sign up for that, too. (Same page.)

Make your hotel reservations to get our special $99 rate by February 24.

Register for membership by February 29. After that, rates go up to $85 for adults.

Order your genuine FOGcon T-shirt by March 1.

The con starts Friday, March 30, and ends Sunday, April 1.

For more information, email us at

To discuss access issues, email us at

To volunteer, email us at

To inquire about being a dealer, email us at

Want to get our newsletter?



announcing Con or Bust Auction

Originally posted by [personal profile] kate_nepveu at announcing 2012 Con or Bust auction

I am pleased to announce this year's auction to support Con or Bust, which helps fans of color/non-white fans attend SFF conventions. Bidding starts Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. EST (GMT -5) and ends Sunday, February 25, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST. You may post auction offers and make donations now.

For more details, please see these updated posts explaining how to:

As a reminder, Con or Bust is now helping fans attend all cons of their own choosing, not just WisCon as in the past. (Requests for assistance to attend cons in April, May, and June 2012 will be taken from February 15 through 25; see the "request assistance" link for more details.) Because the demand for assistance is greater than before, please spread the word widely!

More information about Con or Bust.

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Driving from Oregon to FOGcon?

Hello, FOGcon folks, I have a hypothetical transportation question for you: I am considering driving to FOGcon this year and would be starting in Oregon's Willamette Valley and driving down I-5 to Walnut Creek. Is there anyone along the way who might like to be picked up and share the ride/cost of gas/etc?

This is all still tentative, but I thought it worth asking to see if it's a possibility. (And if there's a better place for this kind of inquiry, I am happy to be redirected and repost.)

Looking for Panel Notes?

We've been quietly adding panel notes as a sub-page of Programming, but we've decided to make them more prominent. So the main Panel Notes page is now listed on the tabs at the top of every page. Go there for links to general FOGcon writeups and full panel transcripts.

And if you spot discussions of FOGcon panels or programming anywhere on the Internet, or wish to submit your own, please send them to us at

Desperately Seeking Panel Writeups

We're still gathering panel writeups for the #FOGcon web page. Check out what we have at
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Panel Notes: Yr Fave Book No One's Ever Heard Of

Lisa Eckstein and I had a blast at this Friday evening panel. The blurb was to the point:
begin quote  You get 60 seconds in front of the mike to talk about your favorite book no one’s ever heard of and why everyone should read it. If you try to do a book you wrote yourself, the moderator can throw a squid at you. quote ends

Lisa's squid was furry; mine was rigid plastic, befitting a GI Joe Underwater Superhero. Neither were deployed.
Those in attendance came up with some obscure and intriguing titles: follow the link to my journal (same stuff will be up on FOGcon's website shortly).

FOGcon notes: Your Favorite Book No One’s Ever Heard Of

Post-Con Survey

#FOGcon wants YOUR reactions, panel transcripts, ideas for next year! Help us improve.
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Race and Class in Urban Planning notes

Here are some notes from the race & class in urban planning panel. They are completely unedited, and thus riddled with typos and spelling errors, but I'm not sure I'll have the spoons to clean them up. Feel free to edit, redistribute, etc.

Panel description:

How does centralized planning divide our cities along lines of race and class? Subsidized housing, elevated freeways, new condos, zoning regulations: who decides where these are placed, and for what purposes? From Tyrion Lannister scouring King’s Landing during war to Ariane Emory programming the populations of Cyteen and Gehenna, these issues affect our fictional worlds too. Let’s talk about how power and urban planning interact.

M: Steven Schwartz, Ian K. Hagemann, Katharine Kerr, Vylar Kaftan

unedited notes )