Vid/AMV recs?

Apr. 23rd, 2017 10:42 pm
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Thinking of putting together a playlist for the Wiscon Vid Party on morally ambiguous and ambitious women. Anyone have recs for vids or AMVs that showcase power-hungry women? POC characters or characters from games or anime preferred. I'd especially love something on Kuvira from Legend of Korra, Lady Eboshi from Princess Mononoke or Kushana from Nausicaa.

Also, I am feeling old... where does one go to look for vids nowadays? I did find a fair amount of Kuvira vids on YouTube, but nothing I liked so far, and's search is incredibly frustrating.

Currently on the list: [personal profile] feedingonwind's A New Day (Mariah, Luke Cage), [personal profile] shati's Hope on Fire (Mishil, Queen Seondeok), [personal profile] starlady's Shuang Nu (Wu Zetian, Detective Dee).

Homestuck Liveblogging: Go

Apr. 14th, 2017 10:55 am
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I've picked up on Homestuck liveblogging again. (I'm partway through Act 4. There are... 6 or 7 acts, so that means I'm more than halfway done, right?) (Stop laughing at me.)

I want NO SPOILERS. Srsly. None. Liveblog tumblr is set to not give me notices of asks; those go to a couple of friends who help screen them and either answer privately or delete ones that reveal info I don't want yet.

Which is... EVERYTHING I don't already know.

I went into Homestuck knowing:
1) There are "trolls" with horns and zodiac symbols on their t-shirts.
2) There is tentabulge fanart. (This was the reason I got into Homestuck.)
3) There is a ton of slash, including pairings that many people consider disturbing.
4) A handful of names - some human, some troll.
5) Hussie is a dick to his readers. (Or, by other interps, "Hussie is a trickster who likes to keep his readers guessing." But I've read enough to know which version I think is more accurate.)

I have, at this point in reading, met 3 trolls. (I think. Been on hiatus for a while; details are blurry.) I have seen names of a few more in Pesterchum logs.

I don't want to know more. Staying spoiler-free is difficult in a mega-fandom; part of this was an exercise to see if that's possible. It's kinda not. Well-meaning fans keep mentioning small details that they don't even realize are spoilers.

My favorite spoiler so far has been: "At one point, John eats lasagne." And they nicely told me that obviously the whole story is now ruined so I can just quit.

200 Word RPG contest

Apr. 11th, 2017 10:29 am
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The 3rd annual 200 Word RPG contest starts accepting submissions on Saturday the 15th; it'll be open for 1 week.

I've read several of the previous years' entries, and decided I wanted to participate this year.

I have a draft of a 200-word Glitch-themed RPG, which uses a Glitch die with the giants & rook on 12 faces. (Because I've had Glitch dice for a few years now and no way to use them, so I figured I needed to fix that.)

Is a very straightforward storytelling game. There's some number tracking involved, but at the level of "make checkmarks," and the basic version only needs to count to 3. (Bonus campaign version! I squished out seven whole words to make space for that!)

Anyone who'd like to see it, PM or email me and I'll share the Google doc; I don't want it to be public for now.

I'd love feedback - is the phrasing easy to follow? Does it seem fun (or at least interesting) for non-Glitch players? Anything I should change?


Apr. 10th, 2017 06:56 pm
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I usually don't watch trailers because I hate even the smallest spoilers, but I made an exception for the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer because SO MANY OF Y'ALL were squeeing about it, and I am so glad I did. Even if the actual movie sucks I will still be happy.

(*plays Led Zeppelin for days*)

Protospiel Recap

Apr. 10th, 2017 10:38 am
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As I mentioned, I went to Protospiel over the weekend. It's a game designer's convention at Game Kastle in San Jose, and they very very much welcome players who aren't designers.

Attendance was more diverse than I'd expected; less than I could've hoped for. Women were about 10-15% of the attendees; yay. Designers were about 90% White, a few Asian; not sure any other were people of color. Not sure there were any female designers who weren't partners of a male designer. (Saw husband-and-wife teams; didn't see women alone.) I saw no hints of asshole gamer behavior at all; yay!

Designers pay $50 for half a table (or rather: a whole table, split half-time with another designer; that gives everyone a chance to move around and see what else is going on); players are free. (Except for "VIP" players, who pay $5 and get a bonus game. I payed; I like supporting my local gaming stores & gaming organizations; also I like collecting interesting small games.)

The guy I got a ride from was one of the designers; I didn't wind up playing his games, which were longer and more complex than most of the games I played. (One was "Elements of the Gods," which looked like my kind of game theme, but it had a huge board with lots of little pieces in different different colors - I didn't happen to be nearby when a game was near starting, and it wasn't a quick game. The other was a space-themed game which seemed to have the same level of complexity - same issue; I wasn't around when they started.)

I played 14 different games. 3 of them are very close to commercial release-ability; they may need exact numbers tweaking ("this card is worth 4 pts" vs "worth 3 pts") or phrasing fixes in the instructions, but their play is polished and complete. One of them could use something to extend it a bit, because it's a very simple game - it's delightful, but needs something for replayability among players older than about 10. But the game itself is complete and well-balanced.

Too many thoughts here )

(no subject)

Apr. 10th, 2017 09:20 am
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I've gotten a number of subcription/granted access notifications in the last week or so from usernames I don't recognize. I suspect a lot of it is a case of "Know this person in RL and/or know them on LJ but different handle on DW." I'd really appreciate it if you'd drop me a note saying how we know each other or, if we don't know each other, how you found this journal.

All my recipe posts are public, not a whole lot else is. These days 80% of the locked content on this journal are logs of my CrossFit workouts. The rest is the occasional whining about office politics at work and how it sucks working in tech while not also being a cishet white dude.

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